Company Overview

Founded in 1995, Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. This high-tech pharmaceutical company focuses on the world's leading high-end targeted preparation technologies and biopharmaceutical fields. As China's largest R&D and industrialization base for targeted drugs and modern topical transdermal plaster products, Tide has been included in the Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Company List by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for 7 consecutive years. It ranked the 41st in 2019.


Since 2009, Tide has been the top 5 taxpayers in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area that gathers Mercedes-Benz, Bayer, JD, and other large international and domestic companies. So far, it has cumulatively paid more than ¥7 billion taxes, and ¥1 billion taxes in 2018 alone, making significant contributions to Beijing's economic development.


In the meantime, Tide Pharmaceutical has always adopted the most stringent requirements on drug quality according to the first-class international standards. It first passed the Japanese GMP certification for injections in 2008. Flurbiprofen Axetil Injection has been used in Japanese clinical practice for 10 consecutive years, with a total use of more than 10 million vials. In 2016, it was rated as a national quality benchmark enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In 2018, it passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. It plays an important demonstration role in domestic pharmaceutical industry.


Over the past years, Tide Pharmaceutical has been committed to benefiting the majority of patients as its mission and dedicated to applying safe and effective therapeutic drugs that fill domestic gap in clinical practice. All 7 products are exclusively or firstly marketed high-quality drugs that fill the domestic gaps in relevant treatment fields. These products are all leading brands in the industry and are highly recognized by both patients and experts.


Innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprise's future development. Tide invests 8% of its sales revenue in R&D and innovation annually and has become a national leader in pharmaceutical R&D. The company focuses on 4 major business sectors, including innovative drugs, biologics, high-end preparations and high-end medical devices of new mechanisms of action and new targets. Tide develops a series of domestically and even globally leading innovative products, focusing on the 3 major areas including microcirculation, analgesia and respiration. Tide has 300 invention patenting applications, including more than 100 PCT international patenting applications.


After more than 20 years of accumulation, the products developed by Tide have become brand benchmark products in related fields due to its unique clinical advantages and quality systems meeting international standard. Tide has built multiple domestically leading high-end preparation technology platforms such as lipid microspheres, liposomes, solid microdispersions, topical transdermal patches, and biological recombination. Based on these platforms, Tide has intensified the selection and establishment of projects that are differentiated and conform to corporate market positioning with technical entry barriers, technical difficulties and imitation difficulties in order to form a short-medium-long term pipeline of products under development. In addition, the company is gradually strengthening the export of marketed products overseas, and simultaneous filing and approval of products under development at home and abroad. The purposes are to promote the globalization strategy of Tide's products in order to bring the company with new growth points and establish international brands.


Tide has always adhered to the key cooperation of industry, academia, research and medicine. It has established strategic partnerships with many domestic and foreign high-end medical institutions to accelerate the research and development of innovative therapeutic drugs with new mechanisms and new targets. Meanwhile, Tide expands to internationally leading high-end medical devices such as artificial heart and tricuspid valve repair, allowing continuous growth of these products on its platform. Among them, the world's first medical device project involving interventional tricuspid valve repair was introduced in cooperation with an innovative American company. Currently, Tide has built a world-leading medical device clean plant in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. At the same time, a respiratory disease research center was established in cooperation with famous academicians in the field of respiratory diseases. Currently, the incubated global class 1 new drug for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis is rapidly advanced for overseas registration.


Presently, the company has two pharmaceutical production bases occupying nearly 150,000 square meters and a modern API production base occupying 140,000 square meters in Cangzhou. Tide is building an international mainstream pharmaceutical and health enterprise that has a complete pharmaceutical industry chain and covers the whole life cycle of drugs. It includes sectors from R&D, API production, drugs and high-end medical devices to professional marketing and big data medical care.

In the future, under the leadership and advocacy of Chairman Zheng Xiangling, Tide Pharmaceutical will continue to adhere to the broad sentiment of employee's happiness, corporate happiness and social happiness. It will never forget about the original intention of pharmaceutical people and always adhere to the innovation-driven developmental strategy. Guided by the mission to improve the level of people's medication, Tide  care for life, keep innovation, and sets "100-year of Tide, 10 billion of Tide" as its goal to transform the company into a national pharmaceutical enterprise that surpasses global pharmaceutical giants.