To ensure supply, prevent and control safety problems, and rush to the rescue at the front line, Tide Pharmaceutical sets out for an all-round fight against the "pandemic"

COVID-19 broke out at the beginning of 2020, blocking and rescue operations for the prevention and control of this pandemic were initiated nationwide. Under the pandemic situation, as an important member of China’s pharmaceutical industry, Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. actively responded at the prime time to launch battles against this “pandemic”. Internally, Tide ensured the supply of drugs and comprehensive safety prevention and control. Externally, Tide rushed to the front line for emergency assistance, and launched a series of continuing donations in the forms of funds, materials, medicines and cash, so far, cumulative donations has exceeded ¥4 million. Currently, corporate safety prevention and control are in place, and all links are running smoothly.

Emergency procurement to support the front line: On January 26, Zheng Xiangling, President of CP Pharmaceutical and Chairman of Tide Pharmaceutical, donated ¥10 million on behalf of Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited. The objective was to jointly combat COVID-19 in collaboration with Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences by tackling key science and technology problems. As its key affiliate, Tide Pharmaceutical immediately set up an emergency team for the procurement of anti-pandemic materials and initiated global procurement operations. In order to protect the safety and health of front-line medical personnel, Tide donated more than 100,000 pieces of urgently needed protective medical materials such as facial masks, gloves, protective clothing and goggles to many provinces and cities across China. Flurbiprofen Cataplasm that can effectively relieve fatigue-induced pain was also on the donation list.

Resuming work safely, ensuring supply: In order to ensure the supply of drugs to meet patient’s clinical demands for medicines in this special period, Tide Pharmaceutical officially resumed safe operations and production on February 3. The company immediately established an emergency team for pandemic prevention and control headed by Chairman Zheng Xiangling. A series of phased emergency prevention and control measures and plans were successively introduced and implemented. After the resumption of work, President Kong Tai led senior corporate executives to form a safety prevention and control inspection team. This team provided guidance and conducted safety inspection in each work area to ensure that various safety prevention and control measures were in place to safeguard the safety and work order in all areas. The company's meticulous, rigorous and comprehensive safety prevention and control measures have provided every employee with a safe and harmonious work environment. The employees said that they were very happy to return to their posts and contribute to the assurance of drug supply at this special time.

Resolving concerns of doctors and patients, supporting public welfare: The pandemic disrupted the normal treatment order of doctors and patients. Many patients with chronic diseases could not go to hospitals for treatment, while doctors in other outbreak-unrelated departments could not conduct pandemic-related academic exchanges. As a pharmaceutical company specializing in prescription drugs, Tide Pharmaceutical has the responsibility to address the concerns of doctors and patients. Tide Pharmaceutical organized and established a free online consultation platform of public welfare networked medicine. This platform has successively provided more than 2,000 doctors with opportunities for online inquiries so that more patients can receive timely diagnosis and treatment through online consultation. Meanwhile, public welfare courses were broadcast live so that doctors can obtain guidance and communicate academic treatment norms during the pandemic period in a faster and timely manner. During this pandemic, a total of more than 70 free online live broadcasts were organized, providing 50,000 doctors with opportunities to gain treatment knowledge online.

Passion on the front line, providing continuous reinforcement: The pandemic affects the hearts of every employee of Tide Pharmaceutical. In mid-February, Tide Pharmaceutical employees spontaneously organized and carried out "Passion on the front line" love donation activities. All donated cash has been used to purchase negative-pressure ambulances to assist in emergency medical rescue. The ambulances purchased with love donations arrived Wuxue First People's Hospital, Huanggang, Hubei on March 4, and the First Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Zhejiang on March 9, for first-line medical rescue. The recipients expressed gratitude to the employees of Tide Pharmaceutical for their caring actions.