Chairman's Address

Mrs. Zheng Xiangling
President of CP Pharmaceutical Group
Chairman of Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
President of "One Belt One Road" General Chamber of Commerce
President of the 6th CPPCC (Provincial) Members Association
President of the General Association of Shaanxi Entrepreneurs
Standing Committee Member of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
Vice President of China Association of Women Entrepreneurs
Standing Committee Member of China Overseas Friendship Association
Appointed as Justice of the Peace by Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government on July 1, 2019

Tide Pharmaceutical is a passionate and energetic company. For more than ten years, Tide people have worked together and continued to innovate, leading to impressive achievements. With diligence and wisdom, they have left solid footprints in the industry and helped the company become an outstanding pharmaceutical company of targeted drugs in China!


Innovation is the core for ever-lasting and sustainable development of an enterprise. Tide Pharmaceutical is committed to R&D innovation, production innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation. It has become a modern enterprise with all-round innovation from R&D, production to marketing in Chinese pharmaceutical industry.


Talent is the driving force for harmonious, healthy and sustainable development of an enterprise. Tide Pharmaceutical strives to create opportunities for employee's continuous learning, practice and growth. Various means are adopted to train and attract talents in order to build a multi-level diversified talent team and build an ideal platform for employee's career development.

Corporate culture is the soul of corporate development. The people-oriented, inclusive and pragmatic cultural atmosphere treats each of our employees as an indispensable force in corporate development, during which, each employee's expertise and characteristics are extended and carried forward. Teamwork and continuing improvement have enabled Tide to develop more efficiently.


Caring for life and benefiting mankind. Tide is committed to becoming a pharmaceutical company that carries a sense of social responsibility, a pioneering and innovative spirit, and an ability to provide first-class products for human health! Lean innovation and keeping pace with the time. The increasingly mature Tide will take a more steady pace, strengthen confidence, abide by integrity, strive for prosperity, and ride on the momentum to become a leader in pharmaceutical industry.


Looking to the future, we are ready to move forward! Tide people will continue to develop based on professionalism, create value for customers as the goal, and set " care for life, keep innovation" as the mission. With persistent hard work and unwavering determination, Tide Pharmaceutical will explore the path for healthy development of this industry to become a harmonious enterprise that benefits the country, the enterprise, and the employees!


Riding the wind and breaking the waves just the time, hoisting the cloud sails and sailing through the high sea. We sincerely look forward to working hand in hand with all sectors of the society to create a brighter future for China's pharmaceutical industry!