As a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, TIDE Pharmaceutical R&D center has attracted plenty of talents from top college and research institutions in China, the United States, Japan and many European countries, with over 70% employee are master's degree and doctoral degree holders, which provides a solid foundation for the world class innovation of drug products. The post-doctoral workstation established in the R&D Center is cooperated with top universities and research institutions in China, such as Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Technology, and West China Hospital Sichuan University. There are 7 postdoctoral fellows in the station, and 2 postdoctoral fellows were graduated. It is planned to recruit 2-3 new postdoctoral fellows each year. The R&D center and Peking University have established a professional master joint talent training program, attracting many top scientific researchers to join TIDE for innovative drug research and development.

TIDE Pharmaceutical R&D Center are focused on three business segments: First-in-class NCE drugs, biological products and high-end formulation a, in the four therapeutic areas: microcirculation, analgesia, respiration and oncology. The annual R&D expense is 8% of the revenue. R&D center has been award  "National Enterprise Technology Center", "Beijing Lipid-targeted-formulation Engineering Technology Research Center", "Beijing Hydrogel-polymer Patch Formulation Engineering Technology Research Center", "Beijing Lipid Drug Carrier Innovation Engineering Laboratory", "Beijing Respiratory Disease and High-end Formulation Technology Innovation Center", "Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Innovative Formulation”,  undertaken several “National and Beijing Science and Technology Major Project” projects, and won the 2019 annual National Science and Technology Progress second prize with “New Drug Preparation Emulsion Key Technologies in System Establishment and Application” .


Intelligent R&D management system

Top R&D Platform

R&D center area is more than 43,000 m2, designed by the international construction group, KLING STUBBINS, with RMB 530 million investment. It includes drug screening, biological, formulation, and analytical laboratories, as well as pilot plants comply with the Europe and the United States GMP, with all facilities are supplied by the international top vendors, covering the whole life cycle of the drug, from discovery, research, and development to commercialization.

By using the intelligent R&D management system, all the projects are managed according to standards, including project application, planning, personnel, delivery, budget, and real-time R&D project progress monitoring, integrated cross-department resources, strengthen the communication and collaboration between departments, improve the quality and efficiency of R&D project management.