Digestive Health

In 2015, there were about 679,000 new cases and 498,000 deaths of gastric cancer in China. Gastric cancer has become one of the main causes of death and brought heavy burden to the society. Through gastroscopy, timely detection of early gastric cancer and intervention are important measures to reduce mortality.
Deyou    (Pronase Granules) of Tide Pharmaceutical can cut off the peptide bond of mucin (which is the main component of gastric mucus), dissolve and remove gastric mucus, significantly improve the clarity of gastroscopic vision, help to detect microlesions earlier and improve the detection rate of early cancer.

To dissolve and remove gastric mucus during gastroscopy.
20000 Units in total
【Dosage and Administration】
15 to 30 minutes before gastroscopy, add 20,000 units of Pronase Granules (1 bag) and 1 g of sodium bicarbonate to 50 to 80 ml of drinking water (20-40 ° C), shake to make it dissolved, and take orally.

Deyou    (Pronase Granules)