Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a Sino-foreign joint venture that established in May 1995 and located at the core of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (DBA). Tide is the first high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise in China with the capability of developing, manufacturing as well as marketing series of targeted drugs.

Through 20 years’ persistent innovation and development, Tide was identified by Ministry of Science and Technology and City of Beijing as Hi-tech Enterprise, Beijing Foreign Invested Enterprise with Advanced Technology, one of the innovation pilot enterprises for National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Zhongguancun Science & Technology Park and a member of “Ten, Hundred and Thousand Program”. Tide acquired the honorary titles of The Best Contributor to Beijing Municipality Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Leapfrog Development Program (G20 Program), Leading Chinese Pharmaceutical Company in Formulation Internationalization and Enterprise, the Enterprise with Highest Investment Value, the most Influential Credit Enterprise in Zhongguancun, Top 50 of China Medical Growing Enterprise, and Optimal Brand Image. According to the statistical data of National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, our company has been rated in the top 100 best pharmaceutical companies in China that generate revenues from the principal business in three consecutive years. Since 2009, it ranked the five leading position as the tax contributors to BDA where gathers many giant multinational and national enterprises such as Mercedes Benz, Bayer and Jingdong with accumulated taxes reaching to 3 billion YUAN, which made contributions to social economic development.

Meanwhile, our government and industry also highly praised our products and awarded many honors. National first targeted drug Kaishi® (Alprostadil Injection) that launched in 1998 and the second targeted drug Kaifen® (Flurbiprofen Axetil Injection), which is an analgesic product that launched in 2004 all has been awarded as national major new products, included into national Torch Program, Beijing Independently Innovative Product, Beijing Science and Technology Reward. Moreover, they are also evaluated as the major varieties that have prominent contributions with single variety sales volume breaking through 1 billion YUAN in G20 Program. In 2014, the product of Kaishi® was rated as Beijing Famous Trademark. Since 2008, our company has launched national first peroral Beraprost Sodium Tablet (Kaina®), national first transdermal patch Flurbiprofen Cataplasms (Baidean®), and Pronase Granules (Deyou®), which is the first gastric mucus proteolytic agent developed in China. All these were recognized by clinicians and patients with market size expanding gradually.

The product quality in Tide really reached to international level and all of our production lines passed 2010 GMP Certification. In 2008, Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare granted Tide a Certificate for Foreign Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products for its injection production line in China. The numbers of lipid microsphere injections produced by Tide has reached to approximately 10 million vials in total sales since entering clinic treatment in Japan. This has truly realized exporting made-in-China injections to overseas market and serves as a role model for the pharmaceutical industry in China.

Tide aims to become the most outstanding pharmaceutical company for targeted drugs in China. In the past 20 years, Tide focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing targeted drugs. Its nearly 1500 professional and high-quality sales team has covered the prescription drug market containing more than 3800 large and medium-sized hospitals in 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the country.

Tide is committed to innovation in science and technology.  The company has established five high-tech platforms in commercialization of lipid microspheres, liposomes, biologics and topical patches and possesses multiple core technologies with own proprietary intellectual property rights. Tide has built an advanced system for the development of new targeted drugs. The new R&D center with an area of about 32,000 square meters has been designed by a US professional design company, which is equipped with advanced instruments for pharmaceutical preparation trials and analytical studies and the world-class environment for conducting lab, pilot trials as well as researches. The combination of excellent brands of existing targeted drugs and the production lines for new targeted drugs will continue to make Tide as the leader in the market for targeted drugs and maintained its competitive edge in differentiation competition.

Tide adheres to people-oriented principle, establishing high efficient company culture and advocating learning-type organization. It encourages employees to continue to learn, improve, and be pragmatic to fully utilize their strength and creativity. Tide provides every employee with excellent opportunities of vocational training, vast development space, and harmonious organizational climate. Relied on its favorable cooperation relationship with foreign scientific research institution, Tide regularly sends employees abroad to obtain further training and learn the advanced research technologies as well as management methods.

 Through adhering to the principle of “Care for Life and Keep Innovating” and taking independent innovation, independent development as well as introducing, absorbing and re-innovating as development direction, Tide strives to develop new drugs with proprietary intellectual property rights. Based on keeping a foothold inland and opening eyes to the whole world, it will make unremitting endeavor to provide novel drug products with higher quality and improve public health level.